Ewesask Sheep
& Poultry

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Specializing in Rare & Heritage breed chickens and Rideau Arcott Sheep 

We are a family run farm located near Rosetown, Saskatchewan with small flocks of rare and heritage poultry as well as registered Rideau Arcott sheep. With high standards and constant goals of perfection in mind we aim to help improve flocks as well as build them from scratch with quality stock.  We have over 24 years of experience in sheep and 4 years in pure breed poultry so far. 

We sell breeding ewe lambs and ram lambs and the occasional yearling rams but rarely yearling ewes or older animals. 

Our poultry flocks are small groups of breeders that we have acquired from reputable breeders within Canada.  We ship hatching eggs as well as birds within Canada.  We are unable to ship to other countries